Menu 3


This option provides your bartenders the most opportunities to customize the drink for the guest. There isn’t much we can’t make with the assortment of Spirits, mixers, bitters and techniques that this option brings.  Hand cut ice  and smoked cocktails are included with this menu. A special experience for special events. 

  • Negroni! – Gin, mezcal or whiskey with Campari and sweet vermouth.
  • Gin / Vodka Collins with fresh herbs  – Gin or Vodka (guest’s choice), citrus, simple and soda. Refreshing and long.
  • Mezcal or Tequila sour –
    Like margaritas but with some juicy twists…
  • Lavender Bubbly – A floral simple syrup topped with a dry sparkling wine. Lemon zest
  • New York Sour – Whiskey, citrus, sugar, red wine float. Orange garnish
  • Old Fashioned – Bourbon, simple, bitters, cedar smoke. Citrus oil and Fancy cherry.
  • Black Manhattan – Bourbon, Amaro, homemade walnut bitters. Lemon zest
  • French 75 –  Gin, triple sec, lemon juice, sparkling wine. Cracked Ice. Lemon zest
  • Wine – 1 Red, 1 white, 1 rose and 1 bubbly
  • Beer – 1 light and 1 hoppy