Menu 2


Moving towards craft cocktail bar variety. More options and more excitement!

Gin / Vodka Collins with fresh herbs – Gin or Vodka (guest’s choice), citrus, simple and soda. Refreshing and long.
Daiquiri – White rum, citrus, and sugar. Rum Royalty
New York Sour – Whiskey, citrus, sugar, red wine float
Old Fashioned – Bourbon, simple, bitters. Fancy cherry. Optional smoke.
Margarita with seasonal fruit – Try it with local fruit or stick with the original.
French 75 – Gin, triple sec, lemon juice, sparkling wine. Cracked Ice. Lemon zest
Lavender Bubbly – A floral simple syrup topped with a dry bubbly. Lemon zest
Wine – 1 Red, 1 white and 1 bubbly
Beer – 1 light and 1 hoppy